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Our Commitment to Pet Parents & Veterinarians

GoFetch Health is working to support veterinarians and pet parents during the COVID-19 crisis by making its live veterinary support app free for download across Canada. Just download the app and instantly access support from veterinarians & vet nurses.

To ensure your pet gets the care they need from the comfort of your home

Use Our 24/7 Chat for Free General Advice & Triage

Save time, money, and worry with 24/7 access to qualified, North-American based veterinarians and veterinary nurses


Connect for a live chat session within seconds


Best for quick questions, triage, or general pet care advice


Provided by North-American based veterinarians and veterinary nurses


Receive summaries post-chat that can easily be shared with your regular vet


Unlimited, free, use to all pet parents

Schedule Virtual Consults with Your Own Vet

Setup video calls with your local veterinarian for comprehensive consults.


Pick a date/time for your 30min consult


Best for ongoing issues, new medical concerns, or annual visits.


Provided by your own veterinarian. Don't see them? Just invite them.


Follow-up care provided by your veterinary including any additional tests or prescriptions


Fees and availability are set by your own veterinarian.

Are you a veterinarian?
Start seeing your clients today.

Veterinary clinics across Canada are being challenged to care for their patients while protecting the health of their staff and clients. We make it easy, simple, and affordable to offer safe and effective virtual care options.

✦   No setup, monthly, or admin fees

✦   Set your own availability, appointment types, and doctors

✦   Customize appointment lengths, prices, and intake questions

✦   We handle scheduling, payment, and marketing

Join our growing network of practice partners and start seeing your clients.

Plus, earn cash rewards to spend on vet care

The veterinary community has come together to help support pet parents and veterinary clinics. Start saving money on care today. Here's how

✦   Download the GoFetch Health app

✦   Book your virtual consult

✦   We add $10 to your wallet

✦   Spend your credit on your next vet visit

Thanks to our generous sponsors for their support of pets and those that love them.

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